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  • The transformation of Lucky for Life into a...

    Reply #9* If PB MM went the RNG route Jeff, it would die on the vine as it should!Serious lottery players are not going to settle for that l think you'll see a serious pushback. All you need is for another Eddie Tipton security chief to be caught down the line the games will implode. *Why risk it[ […]

  • New Zealand couple hopes $17 million lottery...

    Reply #7Yes.What you win is what you get. No tax on winnings in NZ.[ 1,163 views ]

  • Powerball ticket price to increase to $3 in Idaho

    Reply #32Your states together are in fact one state.[ 5,804 views ]

  • New York Lottery changes Take 5 game to...

    Reply #29So they did split the original jackpot amount. And it appears a lot less. So either less people are actually playing, or they just slushing it, lol. Each jackpot is now around 20 grand, if barely. Used to be the whole jackpot was around 60 grand usually. What a freaking joke. I mean if you […]

  • Texas Lottery to add third weekly Lotto Texas...

    Reply #8Oooh..! Whut'z wrong?...You don't wannabe a Texez 3 Stepper ?..[ 2,605 views ]

  • NC woman wins $2 million from lottery ticket...

    Reply #24In this particular case your logic makes NO sense.The friend who gave the other friend the lottery scratch-off had no way of knowing it was a 2 million dollar winner before she gifted it, unless she gave it already scratched off. Just because YOU see many illegal people getting friends to […]

  • Massachusetts store clerk steals player's winning...

    Reply #28Finally Massachusetts has an App to scan tickets to see if they are winners. IGT replaced all the dinosaur lotto machines there, they were the oldest ones in the more noisy dot matrix printers. IDK for a fact, but they would have to make the tickets scannable for the customer […]

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The 411

The 411

Sweepstakes Directory Online, you can find many sweepstakes by category or ending date. For a first glimpse, check out this site to see a list of sweepstakes ending this month. There are sites you can pay to be a member and they will do all the research and...



Be Organized Regular sweepstakes winners know that they have to first enter a sweepstakes to win it. Some sweepstakes don’t even require a purchase! Enter as often as the rules allow. Make a spreadsheet or keep track of your entries if you have multiple sweepstakes at...

Getting Started

Getting Started

How to Start? The internet is a good place to start, you can find many sweepstakes by category, type, ending date or even prizes. There are many sites out there that will allow you to see a list of sweepstakes ending this month. Some sites require you to have a...



TheBalanceEveryday If you’re looking for a website that sorts contests by the prizes you can win, look no further. has the following categories listed on their site, ‘win electronics’, ‘win vehicles’, ‘win money’ to name a few. It even has a tab...

Sweeping the Sweeps

Sweeping the Sweeps

Volume Any successful sweeper will tell you that the key to winning is a high volume of entries. Many contests have a specific number of times you can enter per day. Maximizing your entries ensures that you’re giving yourself the best odds at success. Elisabeth Leamy...

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