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  • Virginia man wins $300,000 with two Powerball...

    Reply #6 I was really lucky! Baker remarked when claiming his prizePut that quote on the top 5 list of best comment by someone winning a very nice prize [ 2,249 views ]

  • Iowa Lottery retailer accuses store manager of...

    Reply #37 Because of all the heated Argument tonight on Mistake printed tickets . I saw three tonight in Indiana and l quickly bought all Three for $7 . We keep you all posted if l win Go Indiana [ 5,549 views ]

  • Florida Lottery updates Fantasy 5, adds...

    Reply #4 Fantasy 5 wasn't selling tickets like they used to. As a result, the FL Lottery changed the game to get more players to spend more on the game. Let's see how that turns out. Remember Mega Money and Lucky Money? Games that no one cared about once the glamor was gone. [ 1,805 views ]

  • Winner of £105 million EuroMillions lottery...

    Reply #18 He's not the kind of guy who wants recognition for doing something good, a local source told The Sun.So why is he doing it publicly? He could have remained anonymous, as all UK National Lottery winners have the right to do, and made charitable donations anonymously. [ 6,216 views ]

  • Montana Lottery's Millionaire Raffle returns for...

    Reply #2 Are you seeing this Florida Lottery????? Do you know what happened in Montana with their millionaire raffle? G5 [ 1,307 views ]

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Reply #7 HAIL AMERICA as our Lord On High works in mysterious waysOur Lady of Victory ~~~~~~~~~~~~With Attitude of Great GratitudeGod Bless [ 1,395 views ]

  • Maryland man wins fourth major lottery prize...

    Reply #10 I saw a report on this on WBAL (Baltimore) and they said/he said he spends over $200 a day on scratch-offs [ 4,003 views ]

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The 411

The 411

Sweepstakes Directory Online, you can find many sweepstakes by category or ending date. For a first glimpse, check out this site to see a list of sweepstakes ending this month. There are sites you can pay to be a member and they will do all the research and...



Be Organized Regular sweepstakes winners know that they have to first enter a sweepstakes to win it. Some sweepstakes don’t even require a purchase! Enter as often as the rules allow. Make a spreadsheet or keep track of your entries if you have multiple sweepstakes at...

Getting Started

Getting Started

How to Start? The internet is a good place to start, you can find many sweepstakes by category, type, ending date or even prizes. There are many sites out there that will allow you to see a list of sweepstakes ending this month. Some sites require you to have a...



TheBalanceEveryday If you’re looking for a website that sorts contests by the prizes you can win, look no further. has the following categories listed on their site, ‘win electronics’, ‘win vehicles’, ‘win money’ to name a few. It even has a tab...

Sweeping the Sweeps

Sweeping the Sweeps

Volume Any successful sweeper will tell you that the key to winning is a high volume of entries. Many contests have a specific number of times you can enter per day. Maximizing your entries ensures that you’re giving yourself the best odds at success. Elisabeth Leamy...

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